Kristi Henigar at the French Method salon -
Service menu
womans' haircut      $45.                                                          
Mens' haircut           $35.
teen girl haircut       $35.
teen boy haircut      $25.
childs' haircut          $10.+age
shampoo and blow-dry $35.
up-do $55.+
down-style $40.
add on styling services:
Iron curl, straighting iron, hot roller set $15.+
color services
allover color/single process $55.
mini-partial foil  $50.
partial foil         $75.+full foil              $90.+                                                    
allover color with partial foil $80.
allover color with full foil $95.
bleach and tone $75.+
bleach retouch$65.+
toner 15.+
mini balayage highlights/lowlights
added on to allover color $15.+
partial balayage $50.+
full balayage  $65.+
mens' color  $35.+
mens' foil    $45.+
color correction : priced upon consultation
conditioning treatments
permanant wave
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